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Fewer Children Have Health Insurance Today

Health insurance is a big stress for many people, especially parents. And today, less children have health insurance coverage than in past years. Many kids lost coverage when CHIP renewal was up for debate in 2017. And while some were able to get their insurance back, that wasn’t the case for every kid. Last year […]

Best Place To Look For Car Insurance Coverage In Your State

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your car insurance, it’s important to know where to look. A great place to start looking for better insurance is with your state insurance department’s website which you can easily access at This website provides you with advice on how to shop for policies and how […]

Closing Your Fake Wells Fargo Account Might Hurt Your Credit Score

When Wells Fargo opened accounts for more than two million customers without their knowledge, they opened a whole can of worms that complicated things, particularly in terms of people’s credit scores. Not only did these employees open credit cards in people’s names, but they also opened savings and checking accounts. While those that close the […]

How to Raise Your Credit Score

It’s no secret that credit scores have a huge impact on your life and can help make things a lot easier, especially when your score is higher. The UltraFICO credit score launched in January, and the plan is for it to be more broadly available halfway through the year. It could potentially boost scores for […]

Why Everyone Can Benefit From Life Insurance

You’re getting older, you’re not the same young boy/girl you used to be and you’re not sure whether to get life insurance. Well we’re telling you to get it immediately and here is why. Getting life insurance protects your family and loved ones. This is especially true if your family relies on you for financial […]

How Debt Can Affect Your Credit Score in Different Ways

While an excessive amount of debt is not a good thing, there’s a benefit to having some amount of debt in that it can help your credit score. Here are a few ways different types of debt can affect your score. Revolving debt is a line of credit you can borrow every month, which has […]